A valuable heritage at the foot of the mountain range of O Cando

Forcarei and Cerdedo-Cotobade: A monastery and exceptional ethnographic constructions in the municipalities

Monastery of Aciveiro


The Monastery of Aciveiro is the most emblematic monument in the village of Forcarei and the region of Terra de Montes. This area reached its demographic, economic and cultural peak thanks to this jewel of Romanesque architecture, built in 1135 and commissioned by the Galician king Alfonso VII.

Ice wells of Fixó


We encourage you to visit the path of Fixó, which is the most famous complex in Galicia linked to the snow industry in the 17th century. This visit will allow you to discover lookouts with amazing views, the megalithic tomb Mámoa do Rofete, the mill Muíño do Porto, carballeiras (oak groves) and streams.

Traditional cuisine: richada and croca


In Forcarei you can find spectacular dishes. In every Galician recipe the ingredient is the king, that is why it is used veal meat from the protected geographical indication IGP Ternera Gallega in order to obtain the most exquisite taste. Choose traditional restaurants, where you can try the richada (fried spiced beef cut into pieces) with boiled potatoes or cachelos (Galician boiled potatoes), or a great croca (Galician rump meat) served with whatever you may prefer.

Traditional Galician architecture in Cerdedo-Cotobade


In the village of Pedre there is an exceptional set of hórreos (Galician raised granary houses), known as Eira Grande, where locals used to meet and store their food. A few kilometres away, you can find the architectural complex of Serrapio, which includes the Chapel of San Lourenzo (from the 18th century), several cruceiros (roadside stone crosses), a well cut in the stone and a dovecote.

Over the Lérez River


A suspension bridge was built to connect both banks of the Lérez River, between Calvelo and A Retorta. With almost 30 metres long and 15 metres high over the Lérez River, this bridge is a real beauty surrounded by a green environment. In this area, there is also a river beach and a quiet picnic area to finish your day.